Bitcoin Added to Warrior Plus

Bitcoin Added to Warrior Plus

If you're an affiliate marketer, you are probably aware of Warrior +.

But if they're not on your radar, they should be. You can check them out at They are a platform that brings affiliate marketers and resellers together and provide facilities such as funnel-building. They have lots and lots of affiliate products you can promote or, if you have your own product you can use Warrior + to recruit your own army of affiliates.

So their bitcoin announcement was significant.

They posted it to Facebook:


Have you ever imagined being able to buy, sell or cash out on WarriorPlus...

Using Bitcoin.

Well, now you can!


You can now let buyers know they can purchase your product with Bitcoin.


Withdraw your commissions via Bitcoin.


Not only can you checkout via PayPal using crypto...

You can now ‘ADD FUNDS’ to your WarriorPlus Wallet using Bitcoin!

==> PayPal Recently Announced ‘Crypto’ Checkouts…

Coincidentally, PayPal also just announced they’ve implemented crypto checkouts, too.

It enables PayPal customers in the U.S. to checkout with cryptocurrency alongside other payment methods in the PayPal wallet.

This significantly increases cryptocurrency utility, available at checkout with millions of businesses -- including WarriorPlus.

==> Two Ways to Use Crypto on W+?

Add crypto funds to your W+ wallet, and then check out using your wallet balance.

Use PayPal to checkout using cryptocurrency (where available).


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